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2, the school had 1 pretty young English teacher MM, the MM said: "although I got the English level 8 certificate, but not much teaching experience, hope that the exhibitions ~" "only 8 ~ 1 a novice." 1 of the students said. "Ah ~ not so the students", MM said: "the 8 level can turn magician amount ~" we Speechless

2学校有1个年轻漂亮的英语老师的MMMM说:“虽然我的英语8级证书但并没有太多的教学经验希望大家多多指教~只有8 ~ 1新手”。1的学生说。~不太学生MM说“8级可以把魔术师~“我们无话可说

3, the basketball game ~ ~ "cherry to throw 10, your ball, fast pitch." The referee to. Sakuragi thought: this can be cool in front of. My hand in my pocket I 1 startled face "ah ~ ~ I hit potion?"

3,篮球比赛~ ~“樱桃丢10,你的球,快速球。”裁判。樱木心想:这可以在前面的很酷。在我的口袋里1面”~ ~我打药水的手吗?

4, job N ~ ~ we desperately homework after class. Mr. A thought: = school on the Internet, the doppelganger + full went home, homework must be fast. Hey.

4,工作的~ ~我们拼命的课后作业。先生认为:=网上学校,幽灵+全回家作业,要快。

5, 1, A Jun shot. 20 consecutive no ~ but the fire. He slammed the ball go ~ to the blue board the ball just knocked down rebounds corner, the suddenness of a thunderbolt hit his face. A army suddenly eyes to take gold ★, said: "how can it hurt back ah?"


6, ~3000 meters long relay. "Today I have more than you?" "Will you? You know what I have to grow up?" "What is it?" "The import speed pills." "Go ~ I have a crew called the knight today"


7, lunch, mother saw the son of 1 fresh to eat sweet potato. "Son, how can you eat so many sweet potatoes?" "I have an exam at the standing long jump." "~ ~ ~ what relationship?" "Two jump ah ~" (sweet potato eat much can you fart. Ha-ha.

7吃午饭妈妈看到1新鲜吃红薯的儿子。儿子你怎么能吃那么多土豆吗?我在立定跳远考试。~ ~ ~有什么关系呢?两跳啊~”(红薯吃多了会放屁。哈哈。

8, physical education teacher taught you ~ ~ "is not the javelin javelin ah ~ ~ ~ 1 students up simple". "The students, will you? To give you a demonstration." The teacher decided to do not know this boy to a run. The student with 1 standard posture threw 30 meters. The teacher said: "Wang was ~ ~ what is your time to javelin?" "Ha ha ~ ~ ~ I had when will flash gun will pull"

8体育老师教给你的~ ~”不是标枪标枪~ ~ ~ 1学生简单的学生你会吗?给你一个示范。”老师决定不知道这个男孩跑。1的学生把30米的标准姿势。老师说:~ ~时间标枪是什么?哈哈~ ~ ~我有闪光枪拉”

9, "welcome, young man." The boss said, "what style do you want ~ we have everything that one expects to find here." "Really? The boss. "" that's ~ I do for decades to do foreign trade clothing." "Ha ha ~ that gave me a customized 1 agile +53 power +5 hit level 80 Jumpsuit armor +31 speed +10."

9“欢迎你年轻人”老板说“你想~我们希望能够找到一个在这里一切都做什么风格“真的吗?老板这是~几十年来做外贸服装”“哈哈~给了我一个定制的1 + 53 + 5敏捷功率达到80级的连身铠甲+速度31 + 10

10, read after the teacher asked us what the Nanjing massacre. "I want to use the storm of arrows abuse that damn it small japan." "You should take the students as an example of Oh ~" the teacher said, "good ~ ~ we encourage applause ~ ~ ~" Pa Pa Pa

10阅读后,老师问我们南京大屠杀我想用滥用的风暴,该死的小日本”“你应该把学生作为一个例子,~”老师说“好~ ~我们鼓励的掌声~ ~ ~啪啪啪

11, "I will find a priest MM girlfriend," "why?" "She will give everything I need."


12, A Jun 1 tired face, said: "I finally Xiucheng is Luguo pull." Why. "Finally became the Buddha?" "?? Sorry. "I had 10 quarrelling + bar head ~" (3 aperture 5 aperture + bar head of about = Buddha)


13, pet shop "this wave tore cat well with you oh ~MM." "I like dogs," beautiful MM said, "it will help me to pick something up"


14, fencing match "game." "the referee" = = "what ~? Player A?" "I must ask the players to play B1 things." "Well, you ask." "what is your property? Ice? The fire? Water? Immortal. "Hey ~ I told you no problem ~ but ~" "but what?" "Let me set 10 ~" (you know who and who is the sword?)

14,击剑比赛”的游戏。”“裁判”= =“什么~?球员我必须让球员们发挥B1的事情。”“好的,你问。“你的财产是什么?冰?火?水?不朽的~我告诉你没有问题~~”“但是什么让我10 ~知道谁谁是吗?

15, the court "! You as the police also robbed the bank ~ you know?" "The judge ~ ~ I was robbed in order to bank staff safety." "Shit ~ quick confession." "I don't fart ~ judge." The police said, "there is a bomb ~" "shit ~ there is no bomb. Also pleaded not guilty." "I don't fart ~ judge. There are money bomb. "Shit ~ there is no loner." "After you" as the jury, we unanimously decided to ~ on the nature of the bad cop deprivation of political rights for life, confiscation of personal property, in the death camp executive deleted."

15,法院”!当警察抢了银行~你知道吗?法官~ ~我被抢了,银行的工作人员的安全。”“狗屎~认罪。”“我不放屁~法官。”警察说,“有一个炸弹~”“狗屎~没有炸弹。也不认罪。”“我不放屁~法官。金钱炸弹妈的~没有孤独的人。”“”作为陪审团后,我们一致决定~政治权利终身坏警察剥夺自然没收个人财产在死亡营执行删除。

16, gang boss: "how do you pull? Tension can't cut his own ah?" "Each other without darkness overwhelm with numerical strength, how can ah?"


17, the field has 3 fierce dog sprang to the A Jun, dog owners soon stop. A Jun shouted: "go ~ don't rob blame ~ to ~ don't rob blame"


18, the Internet bar "ah ~ ~ ~ it is going to be late for school 15 minutes." "Oh, you go first." "you can't go?" "Nonsense, you go first ~ to the school to have a portal."

18网吧~ ~ ~迟到了15分钟。”“你先去”“你不能去胡说你先去~到学校

19, environmental protection lectures "let us work together ~ let natural recovery 1 oz ~ let green bring us health" the mayor in the passionate speech. "Ah ~ that is deadly poisonous fog is toxic." Some people protested. The mayor of 1 face helpless say: "halo ~ you did not play the adventure island? Toxic only to your enemy (NPC) effect!"